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Protect yourself with Police Strength Sabre Red Pepper Spray!

Our parents and grandparents speak fondly and tell us of the times when doors were left unlocked, neighbors and even strangers in the street were friendly, helpful and caring and people generally looked out for and after each other.

It is a damn tragedy but - Those days no longer exist!

Sure, there have always been criminals and violence but absolutely nothing like the society, towns and cities we find ourselves in today. And, it seems to be getting worse! 

It is much easier these days to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

But we can't hide our head in the sand about these issues. We also can't take the "It will never happen to me" attitude either. Whether we like it or not, we need to be aware of the dangers of our modern times and more importantly, take the necessary steps to ensure that we, our wives and our children are protected and that they are able to protect themselves from harm and injury.

To this end, Sabre Pepper Spray is the ideal option and the best pepper spray when it comes to self defense and the ultimate insurance policy against attacks when you need it the most!


Sabre Red Pepper Spray

police strength pepper spray

Up to 5x's More Spray - 25 bursts or 10 x one second bursts

Pepper spray canister with black key case - Protect yourself at a safe distance while on the go!

Protection Against Multiple Threats
The unit has the ability to give a quick burst test spray biannually to ensure performance from a 10 foot range - Provides protection at a safe distance.

Immediately Accessible
Quick Release Key Ring Included

Incredibly Long Life
Sabre RED pepper spray isn't used every day so for your convenience, this pack has a massive 4 year shelf life from the date of manufacture!

Maximise Your Safety
Produces powerful ballistic stream with reduced blow-back. Includes access to a free How To Use video.

Guarantee Your Safety NOW! Instant Shipping. Learn More & Get The Best Price!

Sabre RED Pepper Spray Police Strength

Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)
The “kicker” in  Sabre Spray and all other good pepper sprays is a product officially called oleoresin capsicum (commonly known as OC) , a natural substance which comes from the oily resins of cayenne and pepper or capsicum varieties.

So How Does It Work?
When discharged, pepper spray creates a mist or stream depending on the which particular product or device used, which introduces the OC to direct contact of the skin, eyes or the body of an attacker. The spray causes a mixture of reactions that are all non-lethal but provide the opportunity of escape. 

Works Immediately On Contact

The OC causes an intense burning sensation of the skin however it is the effects on an attacker’s eyes and throat which is most intense.

Sabre pepper spray causes the eyes to slam shut; they tear, swell and also undergo an extremely intense burning feeling allowing a quick getaway!

Police Strength Pepper Spray
"I'm a female who installs cable TV. I keep this one on me for dogs or emergencies. I've never had to use it but it fits perfectly in my pocket and helps me feel safe!"
Laura, Verified Amazon Purchaser

pepper spray laws

Why is Sabre the Best Pepper Spray?

A large, versatile range and great prices!
Sabre has a range of pepper sprays in all shapes and sizes that afford protection whether at home or out and about. Their prices are more than reasonable and are definitely in the price range of the everyday person.

Sabre Pepper Spray Gets The Job Done!
Sabre sprays are totally effective and easy to use and have enough OC containing spray in every canister to instantly cripple and immobilize a would be attacker or assailant. The reliability of Sabre’s units are first rate which is crucial at that exact moment of need.

Be Aware Of The Power!

Pepper spray causes temporary blindness, pain, breathing problems and panic and if used to excess it can actually kill a human. It is for these reasons and the enormous variety of legislation that you should be 100% aware of the pepper spray laws for your location should you be thinking of obtaining or purchasing Sabre pepper spray.


Is pepper spray the same as tear gas

Is Sabre Pepper Spray The Same As Tear Gas?

The short answer is NO.
Yes, tear gas can be quite nasty however the advantage of Sabre Pepper spray is in the swelling and inflammation properties of the OC. You would have heard about attackers under the effects of drugs or alcohol where Tear gas and even physical blows made no impact. 

That's not the case with Pepper Spray!
Even if an assailant feels no pain at all, once you have Sabre Pepper spray in your eyes, they will physically slam shut no matter what. This severely restricts even the most powerful or frenzied attack and it is in this time of temporary blindness and confusion which provides you the greatest opportunity to call for help and or escape.

Guarantee Your Personal Safety Now! Yes I Want To Be Safe!

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