How to Use Pepper Spray

OK, so you know all the reasons why you should carry pepper spray and you have your trusty canister on you. Owning and carrying pepper spray is a great insurance policy to have but hopefully you should never have to actually use it!

However...if that sinister situation ever arises, and let's face it, they do and far too regularly these days, then you need to be prepared and you also need to know exactly how to use your pepper spray. With that in mind I have found some great videos which I have shared with you below so that god forbid, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you actually need to use your spray, that you will know exactly how to do so safely and more importantly, effectively, allowing you the time to escape...and survive!

This first video is a great overview on what to do as well as the thought processes you should have when under attack and getting ready to deploy your pepper spray.

I really like this video too as it shows that just owning and firing a canister of pepper spray is not enough. If you know just a few moves and obviously the best way to discharge your weapon then it will ensure you have a much greater chance of escaping your attacker.

As I said above, just owning and carrying a canister of Sabre Pepper spray or mace is not enough. Knowledge of the correct stream patterns and effective distances combined with some basic evasive manoeuvres will give you a much greater chance of survival if under an attack. I hope the videos above have helped you understand these finer points of pepper spray self defense!

Don't be caught without the proper chance to defend yourself! Sabre pepper sprays are some of the most highly recommended and regarded of all personal self defense products and for a cheap price are a fantastic insurance policy against the dangers of today.

"Just owning pepper spray doesn't mean you are totally safe. You still need to know how to use it!"

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