Key Ring Pepper Sprays

Hopefully you will never actually need your trusty canister of pepper spray. But if...if you definitely want to make sure that you have it on you and is easy to access.

I mean, the last time I checked, a would be attacker, mugger or burglar wasn't quite polite enough to stop his attack while they wait for you to fumble through your handbag or backpack and get your pepper spray out!

Pepper spray on a keyring solves that problem for you. It is so easy just to keep your keys in your hand or in your pocket and have your pepper spray right there and ready for action.

With an easy release mechanism you won't have to think twice or fumble for your self defense spray and you can defend yourself quickly and easily.

Take a look at the varieties that also come with some nice looking but extremely dangerous "kitty" accessories! These are definitely some "bling" that your attacker WON'T want to get!

Easy to use, easy to hold and powerful enough to repel any would be attacker!