The Best Pepper Spray

So many choices – Which is the best pepper spray?


Pepper Sprays are one of the best “insurance policies” you or those you care about can have when it comes to the risks of today’s society and the potential for attacks, robberies, muggings or other trauma caused by physical assailants.


Pepper spray is easy to use, is effective enough to make an escape or call for help and is non-lethal which means you can use it without danger of fatally wounding your attacker.


How many times have we seen an innocent victim of an attack suddenly land themselves in even more trouble as a result of successfully defending themselves?


So then, pepper sprays are a great option when it comes to personal security and self defense however there are a fair number of different brands all offering similar protection. What do you need to look out for when searching for the best pepper spray? Before you buy however, please make sure you are aware of any specific pepper spray laws for your location!


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Attributes of the best pepper spray...


First and foremost, the best pepper spray must contain OC which is short for oleo-resin capsicum. This is an oily resin that comes from Cayenne and also peppers or capsicums depending on where you are from. This OC is the absolute kicker that causes all the necessary effects to a person’s body that allows you to either subdue your attacker or better still, escape or attract attention or help.


The strongest effects of an OC blast can last anywhere between 15-45 minutes of excruciating pain, depending on the strength of the spray. The lingering effects and levels of discomfort can go on for several hours.


Sabre pepper spray contains OC with more than enough punch to send any attacker to their knees instantly!


It is the wish of Pepper spray manufacturers that no one actually ever uses their products however if that time shall come and you or someone you love are potentially in a life and death situation, clutching and reaching for your canister of pepper spray you really, really want it to work and not misfire or malfunction altogether!


All Sabre pepper sprays are test fired at their factory and is ready to help you defend yourself!


The best pepper spray is affordable and east to use.


Although nothing is higher than the price of our loved ones lives, too often we wince at the cost of potentially life saving devices even though their cost in comparison is worldly insignificant. For this reason, the best pepper spray is affordable and in the range of everyday people living everyday lives.


Your chosen pepper spray should be easy to use and available in different sizes, shapes and options to fit in with the individual requirements and lifestyles of the end user. For example, in a threatening situation, you certainly do not want to be fumbling around your canister of pepper spray, trying to find the release button and struggling to remember how to use it.


Additionally, a jogger does not want to be lumbered with a big or cumbersome canister while they run and exercise.


The best pepper spray seamlessly fits into your lifestyle and environment, barely noticeable until that time when you need it and need it fast!


Sabre pepper sprays have a wide range of products in all shapes and sizes, suitable for all situations from home defense to out and about and even in subtle, easily disguisable forms such as lipstick cases, pens and key rings.


Why is Sabre the best Pepper spray?


As discussed above, there are several crucial factors when it comes to choosing and using a pepper spray to defend yourself against would be attackers and in my opinion, Sabre pepper sprays cover them all.


Sabre has a range of pepper sprays in all shapes and sizes that afford protection whether at home or out and about. Their prices are more than reasonable and are definitely in the price range of the everyday person.


Sabre sprays are totally effective and easy to use and have enough OC containing spray in every canister to instantly cripple and immobilize a would be attacker or assailant. The reliability of Sabre’s units are first rate which is crucial at that exact moment of need.


It is for these important reasons as well as many more that makes Sabre the number one choice when it comes to choosing the best pepper spray to protect you and your loved ones!