Wolf Fang Tactical Strike Pen

Product Description

If you are ready for an AMAZING offer that will not only save you money BUT ALSO potentially save your life, then this is it!

This Wolf Fang Tactical Strike Pen is currently on a brilliant promotion where all you need to do is pay Shipping and Handling (S&H!)

I'm not sure how long this will; be free as they might take it down any time however give it a click and see for yourself - you might be lucky!

So, the offer is great, but what actually is this Strike Pen???

This "Bad Boy Pen" is a new hybrid self-defense device that has plenty of both bark AND bite!

Some of the top security organizations across the globe use this device as part of the armory to help stop larger, stronger assailants in their tracks!

This handy personal protection apparatus is discrete and won't raise any eyebrows. It has been created to quickly and easily take the fight out of any threat, no matter how big or strong they are. This stroke pen will boost confidence and security in a harsh and sometimes dangerous world.

Features and Benefits

The Wolf Fang Tactical Strike Pen has a Super Strong Anodizinig Aviation Aluminum body.

It has been designed and is tough enough to instantly take out an assailant.

It is also perfectly crafted to break vehicle glass. This is a situation most would never find themselves in. However, it is absolutely life-saving if ever in need!

As gruesome as it sounds, the tip of this strike pen has been diamond forged AND features a DNA collector head! You never know what evidence you might need if a case goes to trial, and this feature is worth its weight in gold!

It has a diamond sculpted comfort-fit handle, making it easy to hold and deliver a targeted strike.

This Strike Pen is a genuine, usable, and fully functional pen, so it's discreet and won't raise any eyebrows, even if you are holding it!

This pen writes so smoothly that it will probably become your daily use pen! Having it always on hand and close by will assist you if ever caught off guard or in a surprise attack!

As it looks, feels, and writes like an actual pen, you won't have any problems going through security checkpoints with it either.

Comes complete with an extra ink refill cartridge. Additional cartridges can be purchased at most local department or office supplies stores.

Ultimately, the Wolf Fang Tactical Strike Pen is yet another addition to your own personal armory of items and skills that can help keep you safe in the event of an attack.

It's not about being aggressive.

It's not about burying your head in the sand and thinking it won't happen to me!

It's about being prepared and ready to even the odds, no matter what comes your way.